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X Ray Tubes Stationery

EME is a leading Healthcare System & Service Provider in India. We provide medical equipments, medical supplies and health care services to all across the nation and entire world. In a relatively short time, EME has grown to several destinations nationwide, offering unmatched products with technical excellence and high quality services.

Digital Radiography (Fixed)

Public health is a critical part of the larger concept of health systems and has been defined as “what we as a society do collectively to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy”.

Special Features :
• Variant 15/ 32/ 40/ 50/ 65/ 80 kW.
• Up to 150 kV and up to 1000 mA systems.
• Premium image quality at high speed.
• Smart and effective design for excellent user convenience.
• 3D ceiling suspended with auto tracking system / Ceiling Free / Floor to ceiling stands.
• Horizontal Mobile Table / Flotex (4 and 6 Way / Motorized and Stretcher table).
• Robust and resilient designs for trouble free and smooth working for better efficiency.

Model :
Astro 15 / 40 / 50 DR / 65 DR / 80 DR

EME has a vision to build a healthier work. We have a world-class products. For more information please click on below button to enquire.

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